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is Now Open!

Be sure to register in advance to save money on your conference pass!

Join us for three days with the industry's
leading experts in electroless nickel plating!


Electroless nickel finishing is a unique, highly specialized craft. And the EN community needs this event to help platers stay up to date on evolving technology, network with each other, and cultivate the next generation of electroless nickel experts. ENC 2023 is a two-day conference experience featuring sessions facilitated by seasoned professionals in electroless nickel and exclusive chances for networking amongst your EN colleagues. 


The event will also offer ENC University (ENCU), a special electroless nickel finishing boot camp offered before the start of the Conference, designed for finishers new to the industry and those looking to boost what they already know. These additional sessions feature the techniques and technologies to focus on as you grow your EN career and business. All verified participants will receive an ENC University Certificate of Completion.

  • How much does it cost to attend the Electroless Nickel Conference?
    If you register to attend ENC before August 7th, the cost is $695. If you register to attend on or after August 7th, the price increases to $795. You may also register onsite for the total of $895.
  • What is ENC University and how much does it cost?
    ENC University (ENCU) is a boot-camp experience on the first day of the conference, geared towards those who are new to electroless nickel finishing and those looking to refresh their existing knowledge. The sessions will be led by industry leaders and focus on the techniques and technologies to focus on as you grow your EN career. All registered attendees of the ENCU will leave with a Certificate of Completion. Add ENCU to your EN Conference registration before August 7th for $395. Registering for ENCU on or after August 7th will cost $495. You may also register for ENCU onsite for a total of $595. Register now by clicking here.
  • Are group discounts available?
    Yes, we do offer a group rate. Groups of 3 or more from the same company qualify for discounted pricing. Contact Beth Kasson for more details.
  • What payment types are available?
    We accept all major credit cards. If it is a problem for you to pay by credit card, then please contact Beth Kasson to discuss other potential payment options.
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    ​Registration fees must be paid in full prior to the event. - Full refunds will be given if received by September 5th, 2023. - Half-refunds will be given if received by September 19th, 2023. - Cancellations after September 19th, 2023, are non-refundable. We encourage personnel substitutions to avoid cancellation fees. Please contact Beth Kasson to request a substitution or refund.
  • What if COVID-19 prevents the show from happening?
    ​If the event were to be cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions, we will refund your paid conference pass in full. If you are personally unable to attend because you contracted or were exposed to COVID-19, you may qualify for a refund. Please contact us with any questions.
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