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Ask the EN Experts!

Questions, Anyone?

As a member of the electroless nickel industry, do you have questions about a process in your plant? Is there something you have challenges with and would like to chat with someone knowledgeable about it?  


If so, this is your place to ask!


Submit your question here, and the ENC Team will distribute all submissions to the EN Expert of your choice! Our EN experts will have the opportunity to review these questions and address them both before and during our conference. If you don't have an expert in mind, the ENC Team will determine who is best suited to help you.


This is an opportunity to ask any question you may have regarding processes, new technology, applications and anything else electroless nickel related. Our experts have over 150 years of combined experience ; submit your question today! 


Please fill out the form below. 

Submit your Question for the Experts!
Submit your question, big or small, and it will be submitted to our ENC Experts! Questions will be discussed in person at the EN Conference.

We have received your submission. Thank you!

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