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Register Early and Save!

The Electroless Nickel Conference is coming to Indianapolis on October 11th. This premiere educational event will provide modern electroless nickel finishing experts a unique learning and networking experience.


Know Before You Go

We are so excited to welcome you next week in Indianapolis!  It is going to be a very busy three days, jam packed with information. To help make your Electroless Nickel Conference experience smooth and successful, please click the button below which will take you to a document that outlines all the details you will need. 

Electroless Nickel finishing is a unique, specialized craft, and the community who specializes in this process needs an event that allows this era of platers to stay up to date on the evolving technology, to stay connected to each other, and to cultivate the next generation of platers. 

ENC 2022 is a two-day conference filled with sessions led by experts in the field of electroless nickel finishing as well as unique networking opportunities for the EN community. ENC will also offer ENC University - a unique learning experience for those new to electroless nickel finishing. It's simply an experience that any serious electroless nickel finisher, regardless of experience, cannot afford to miss. 


Want to learn more?  
Click here to listen to the latest "On The Line" podcast hosted by Scott Francis, featuring the ENC technical director, Brad Durkin. 

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